What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about being in the present moment and intentionally focusing on our breathing, environment and body. Practicing mindfulness teaches us to how to pay attention to our senses in the present and not re-live our past or imagine our future. It is the talent of being in the moment and being aware of your surroundings. Where you accept and acknowledge yourself, your feelings, your thoughts, and bodily sensations. It brings your attention to the present moment. 


 Mindfulness has been practiced throughout many centuries and many benefits have been found to arise from regular practices, it originated from Buddhism and Hinduism. It is incorporated into those religious practises and has been around for thousands of years. It was brought over to the west in the 1970s. 


Using modern mindfulness techniques during the day can help individuals drastically reduce stress levels, improve concentration, strengthen relationships, improves your brains cognition and enables us to live mindfully in our natural state - in the present. Through mindfulness we learn about incorporating non-judgmental, self-compassionate kindness into our lives.

Teaching children how to incorporate mindfulness and living mindfully can be both beneficial and fun. Children are naturally mindful but as they grow up their lives become rushed and they start losing those abilities. Helping children remain mindful can help them with learning to focus and recognise their emotions and feelings which they can use as they become adults.