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15 Minute Self Compassion Exercise

If you are able to take 10-15 minutes this week for yourself I’d like you to write a letter to yourself at aged 6, aged 18 and 1 year ago.

What would you tell yourself?

This exercise often brings out negativity and gloomy thoughts of oneself. But I want you to focus on the positive.

Did things get better?

What did you do right?

Who were your friends?

What were you doing that was fun?

What advice would you give to enhance happiness?

What have you achieved?

What great memories did you make that year?

This is about self-reflection and accepting what you have accomplished and achieved so far. This can be difficult, but remember the aim is to show yourself kindness, and to recognise yourself how fab you are!

It is about being proud of who you were, are and will be in the future.

B x

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