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5 ways to boost your own Self Reliance!

For people to lead a fulfilling life, they need to have self-reliance and independence. It is easy to rely on someone to build your self-esteem, to tell you when to stop/start doing something, to recognise your achievements... but actually you need to be able to do this yourself!

Be proud of yourself! Of course there is nothing wrong with compliments from friends/ family, but you need to believe these things yourself too!

Here are some starter tips to believe in yourself once again -

1. Practise self-compassion.

You must find time for yourself every day, and if that can’t happen it must be at least once a week. This time can be as little as 5 minutes or 5 hours. To give yourself the feeling that you are worth the pampering, the rest, the fun that you can start allowing yourself. By doing this you’ll see improvements in all of your life, you’ll feel happier, and others will notice the positive improvement too.

Be kind to yourself, stop being negative and uplift yourself with kind thoughts.

2. Say hello to strangers.

This used to be standard practise in the UK, now most people are too wrapped up in themselves, thinking about their days ahead, texting someone, listening to music etc.

Saying hello is a great gesture for you and the other person. You’ll feel brighter and happier having a smiling exchange in your day, if they ignore you, or don’t smile, think about what must be going on in their lives, and how maybe you have given them there once positive interaction of the day.

Friends can be found in any corner of the world; you never know what a “hello” may bring!

3. Be a “upper” not a “downer”

“Boost up” your friends/ family/ work colleagues/ anyone you come into contact with. Learn to be someone who uplifts.

Listen intently to what the person is saying and try to give them a positive affirmation - take what they say and find the good. Support your friends, call them not only when you want to arrange a meeting, but to ask how they are. Throw out positive attributes into the world!

4. Be proud of yourself!

So many times people will achieve something, acknowledge it for 10 seconds, then seek the next accomplishment.

You need to think about what you have done, what you have achieved, how you did it, the stumbles in the road, the people who told you you couldn’t, and remember how well you have done.

Humbleness is important, but appreciating yourself is too.

5. Live in the moment.

Give yourself each day a moment to experience and absorb what is going on around you.

Don’t think of the future, or the past, think of the now. Smell, touch, experience your surroundings, tune into your senses and really indulge in the truth of your world around you.

Try these tips each day, you will soon flourish and experience your life with a feeling of confidence and contentment. With this feeling, an independence will develop, creating self-worth and a sense of liberty, where you will know you can manage anything thrown at you. You can face those fears.

B. x

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