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How to manage stress, Christmas edition 🎄

Ho ho ho, merry Christmas! Christmas feasts, presents, cherished family time, seasonal drinks and Christmas cheer... this is what society tells us Christmas is about, for many this isn’t the reality. 

Bright minds loves Christmas but knows how everyone endures some sort of struggle at this time of year. Whether it be a unkind comment from a relative, pressure around your mental health disorder, budgeting present stress, societal pressure.

Here we have some tips to help you have the best Christmas you can.  

Christmas is a time that highlights loss, whether that be a family member or friend. Try honouring the memory, speak about the loss, and most importantly reach out to someone if you are feeling lost. 

Try starting a new tradition, make this Christmas your new Christmas - enabling you to enjoy it yourself without depending on any one else for a good time. 

If you are not in a healthy mind space. Call friends, call the Samaritans, call family. Remember nothing is more important than your mental/ physical health. 

If seeing family will cause you more stress than good, don’t go. It is ok to remove yourself from a situation that is full of toxicity. You don’t need to explain yourself.  Difficult Family members are what we make of them, we can chose to appreciate them for who they are, or allow them to influence us negatively. 

Don’t wait until December 31st to make a goal, to make a positive change in your life. Start now. Make it your Christmas gift to yourself. 

Don’t go into debt to impress others, family or friends. You shouldn’t go without and get into a sticky situation so others can gain. 

Don’t live your life based on others Christmas instagram feeds. This isn’t real life. 

Make sure you have “me time” chill out and relax. 

Ignore the pressure to have a good time, you can’t just switch your feelings on and off. Take steps to take care of yourself and be honest with people. 

Ignore the pressure to drink. Alcohol calms an anxious mind, but is also a depressant. If this time of year is already a struggle, don’t consume something that can make it worse. 

Instead of buying extravagant presents for friends and family, choose small thoughtful gifts and give the money you save to a shelter or food bank. 

Keep up your exercise regime. Winter walks can be magical, a great excuse for “me time”, and a nice natural serotonin boost!

Remember it is a time for giving and receiving, being grateful for what we have, and loving others for who they are, as well as loving ourselves. Take care of yourself this Christmas season. 

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