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Importance of self-reflecting

Humans often focus more on their future then they do on their past or even present. We often think about what can happen in the next few hours, days, weeks, months and most often what can happen in a few years. Thinking about future is easier as we get to imagine what can change in our lives, what can we improve, how will we improve, how our circumstances will get better but we forget the importance of learning from the past. However, being future driven, we find little or no time to think about past situations. Learning from our past experiences can help us understand what went well, what went badly, what needs to change and how can we do that. We can choose that time to focus on how we felt in the past few weeks or a in certain situation and learn more about ourselves. In order for us to sucessed and achieve any of the goals that we are chasing we need to be self-aware and know what are our strengths and weakness which we can only learn through practice and reflection. Self-reflection has many benefits and when completed regularly can make a shift in the mindset. Practicing self-reflection on a daily basis can help us learn more about our deeper self and inner personality. When we reflect on experiences, we re-think about what happened, what did we do, how did it make us feel and what would we change. Furthermore, self-awareness leads to self-improvements which can lead to an increase in confidence. Here we will give suggestions when to self-reflect and you will find that some might work well for you whilst others might not.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again but expecting different results.”

Before going to sleep

Before going to bed, try writing into a notebook or a journal a few things that happen through the day. Focus on your emotions such as understanding what made you feel happy, relaxed, anxious, nervous, angry and so on. Separating the events into chunks and re-thinking about what emotions you had in each part.

Life milestones

People often use their birthdays or anniversaries to reflect on what they achieved or did not achieve during the year. Reflecting on what happened in a longer time period can help us realised how much of our goals are achieved and what should we change in the upcoming months to get closer to our goals.

New Years

My personal favourite and the one that comes most naturally as we are coming to an end of a year. Reflecting on what changes have happened since January to December can be easier to separate in chunks and reflect on each month and see progress between them.

When you feel lost

When we feel lost, it is difficult to focus on the past or reflect on situations that make you feel low but it is important. That is when we need to take a step back, reflect and re-group our next steps based on what we realised about ourselves.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and that you will try some of our suggestions. Remember some will work better than others and it will take time.

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