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Incorporating mindfulness into a busy schedule

Mindfulness is a practice which promotes being in the present moment whilst focusing on our breathing, environment, and body. Mindfulness practices have come a long way from early teachings of the Buddha and most recently by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. Throughout history, there have been changes to how to practice mindfulness but it remains that giving priority to living in the present rather than thinking about the past or stressing about the future brings many benefits. Benefits of mindfulness are relieving stress levels, decreasing symptoms of depression, increasing self-compassion, boosting resilience and many more. Practicing mindfulness a few times a week can help with all of this but we all know that it can be difficult to find the time.

So how can you incorporate mindfulness on a regular basis?

Easily as long as you plan it properly!

Firstly you need to decide how often would you like to practice mindfulness per week. Some people preferer to practice mindfulness every day but for a shorter amount of period whilst others might prefer to practice only a few times a week but for a longer period of time. Studies have found that meditating for even a few minutes can have benefits on our mental wellbeing.

Secondly, decide what time of the day or evening works best for you. Personally, I do not like waking up in the morning so a morning mindfulness session is likely to make me fall asleep. However, before going to bed I find it as a good way to de-stress and prepare for bed. Now, this might be completely different for you and in the morning is the only time you can dedicate for yourself. Focus on understanding your daily schedule and where can you find time to work on yourself.

Thirdly, look up different types of mindfulness and find out what you enjoy the most. You can practice by listening to a body scan mindfulness script, loving - kindness script, breath awareness and observing-thought meditation which can all vary from 5 minutes to an hour. Depending on your availability for the day, you can choose a script which are very easily accessible through the internet or downloading apps such as Headspace which is free.

Lastly, when you start practicing mindfulness and start enjoying due to the benefits or change in your wellbeing it will become easier to find time. When you start viewing mindfulness the same way you view having a dinner date, spending time with family, going to the gym you will find it is easier to incorporate it into your life as it will be a pleasurable experience. It may take a few tries before you feel the difference but once practicing mindfulness becomes a habit it will become easier to find time for it.

If you need assistance with practicing mindfulness, have a check on our previous blog One to Ten Minute Mindfulness.

Hope you enjoyed reading our blog this week!

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