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Tips on how to keep up with your New Year resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully, you had a lovely time over the holidays and are ready to tackle now your New Year resolutions. Many people would have decided on different things that they would like to achieve in 2019 and would have hopefully started working on them. Here a few short tips on how to keep up with the resolutions and use the best of them.

1. Choose resolutions which mean something to you rather than being vague about them. If there is something that you wanted to try throughout the past year, now is the time to focus on it and achieve it.

2. Choose less and dedicate your time focusing on it. Often we make too many new year resolutions and try to make big life changes instead of focusing on a few at the time.

3. Make your resolutions simple and clear. Having your goals simple will make it easier to progress and see how much have you achieved as it will be motivating to continue.

4. Create a plan/timetable that will help you stay on track. Be prepared for the obstacles you will encounter and know how to overcome them. Be prepared to face temptations but by having a plan you will find it easier to overcome them.

5. Make your resolutions time measurable. Be able to look in a week or a month and compare what has been achieved and whether you are on the right track.

6. Track your progress regularly. Once a week, reflect on your progress and track how much you have achieved during the week and use that in the upcoming week. However, if you noticed that you are not proud of how much you achieved then in the upcoming weeks try focusing on different techniques to help you.

7. Make changes to your resolutions. After a few weeks if you notice that you are finding it hard to stick to your resolutions but that there are parts that you enjoy doing more focus on them! They will still be changes that you made and are beneficial towards your goals.

8. Do not rely only on your initial motivation. Often after a few weeks into the new year, our motivation tends to wear off and we find it more difficult to stick to continue with our goals. However, if we are genuinely interested in our goals and they have become a part of our lifestyle it will be easier to continue working on them.

9. Accept setbacks. Try viewing setbacks as a part of the journey which will happen but also as an indication that something in our plan is not working. If you notice many setbacks in a week, maybe it is time to revisit our plan and make changes to it.

10. Do not give up! Lastly, do not give up on them when it becomes difficult or unmotivated to continue. Work on making changes that will enable you to continue following your new year resolutions!

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