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Wake up happy! 

So many people wake up and the first thing they feel is anxiety. With a few changes made to your daily routine your brain will re- code itself to make you wake up less panicked and more optimistic about the day ahead.

It is important to have an order to the day like we learn as children, with this inner attribution as adults we can create a healthy internal routine to the day, by making some adjustments in the way we think in the morning we can develop and prosper like we learnt as a child and create new healthy happy synapses!

We have devised a few steps that are quick and easy to add into your morning wake up -

  1. Before you open your eyes, while your body is delving into consciousness think about your breathing, do 5-10 inner belly deep breaths. This provides your brain with more oxygen and will release more oxytocin, eradicating the anxiety.

  2. Stand up slowly, raise your arms above your head and gently lower them down to the floor, bending your back and breathing out as you go down. Go as far as it’s comfortable. Gently stand back up and breathe in slowly as you stand back up stretching your arms above your head. Do this 3-5 times to gently awaken your body.

  3. Whilst cleaning your teeth, take note of what is happening, feel the brush on each tooth, feel the saliva building, feel the fresh sting of mint, feel your arm muscles going back and forth, feel the fingers around the toothbrush handle.

  4. After washing/ showering/ preparing for the day, look in the mirror and smile at yourself (you don’t have to look in the mirror but your brain is stimulated by seeing another smile, much like a baby has an innate instinct to smile back at someone without understanding the connotation yet). Smile for 1 minute, your brain doesn’t know the difference between a natural smile and a imitated smile, the endorphins are released all the same. Whilst doing this think about 3 positive things about your day ahead, these things can be something like having your first daily coffee, viewing beautiful scenery on your commute, enjoying a tasty lunch, seeing friends, watching a favourite tv show later in the evening, etc.

  5. Drink a large glass of water before leaving or embarking on your day. Your body needs to be fuelled before working efficiently.

These recommendations are guides, it is up to you to adapt and create your own mini routine to enable a joyful day.

If you start this routine then forget one morning it is important to remember that doesn’t mean to give up and you failed, it means try again the next day, then the next and the next.

B x

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