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Weekly Self Compassion idea (20min)

Each week I like to spend some time on my own, getting rid of all thoughts of the past/future week, of friends, of family, of expectations. I like to pamper myself. Which is something everyone should do!

This week I chose to do a “mix your own gold dust mask” from a Korean brand called “Oh k” on a Sunday morning. It is an example of a quick 20-minute activity that can be done each week. The benefits are huge and it leaves you feeling renewed and ready to restart your activities with a new perception.

I hadn’t used this brand before and was taken aback when I had to make my own... I felt it was rather rude of the product ;). However, it was incredibly easy and a new exciting experience.

To start I made a coffee with my favourite vanilla almond milk, and a Nespresso Rosabaya capsule, coffee is something I rarely get to enjoy (due to gulping it down in my busy week!) and take note of the flavour, texture and appreciate the experience. This is not just about self-compassion; it is about feeling gratitude about the small things in life that can boost your mood.

Before I made the mask and put it on, I found one of my favourite mindful YouTube to listen too. I found the ten-minute guided mindfulness meditation by Great Meditation. I like this one because there are no gongs, no chimes, no chants, just pure easy listening and mindfulness.

I needed to keep the mask on for 20 minutes, I chose a 10-minute mindfulness so I could listen to my own music before the meditation as this is a way for me to be calm and rested. I never get the chance to just listen to music and actually hear the lyrics and instruments, as when music is on at other times in my life I am often doing something at the same time – commuting, cooking, painting etc. So this gives me a chance to indulge and be mindful of the music.

The music I choose depends on how I feel, sometimes I use upbeat lyrical music, and sometimes I naturally choose some classical. I queue songs for 10 minutes, then listened to the YouTube I had prepared.

When the Meditation was over, I peeled off the mask and washed my face. Both my brain and face felt fresh and renewed!

Would I reccomend the “Oh k Gold dust”? Yes.

Who doesn’t want gold dust on their face…

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