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Being grateful for the small things

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude” - A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Gratitude lists have been found to positively affect our well being; our mindset and overall our quality of life. Writing down what makes your day a bit better, a bit happier and a bit simpler can be a mindset changer. However, many people including myself will focus on big things that happen such as job promotion, hearing good news, having a big family event etc.

Gratitude has been found to be effective in increasing positive emotions and reducing a negative mindset pattern. Furthermore, many different techniques have been developed to improve gratitude practice. Many of those practices include writing a few things each day for which you feel grateful.

However, when starting to incorporate gratitude into our lives, it can be difficult to find a few things to put down. Writing three things at the end of the day can be daunting and frustrating if you can not think of what you are grateful for.

Gratitude is an individual thing and it will be different for everyone (possibly your list will change over the years as your prioritise change) but here is a list ideas that you can base your gratitude on and then explore what works for you.

What to be grateful for?

  • People around you - Family members and friends you interact with on a regular basis and who hopefully bring you joy, laughter, support and love.

  • Pets- Animal companions bring loads of love and understanding. We all talk to our pets, you can be grateful for their listening skills.

  • Your senses- Having the ability to use our senses can often be taken for granted but think about them. Be grateful for being able to smell the morning coffee. For being able to taste a new hummus flavour your heard loads about. For being able to see the sunrise over the city in the morning. For being able to hear the laughter of kids in park. For being able to feel that needed hug after a long day from your loved ones (pets definitely included in this).

  • Your emotions- Our emotions can be difficult at times to control but each one of them brings something new to our lives and for that we should be grateful for them. Our happiness lets us see the joy and beauty of life. Our sadness reminds us of though moments which we should embrace because they make us stronger.

  • Having a place to sleep in- Waking up in house, flat or room is a something we should feel fortunate for as many people might not have that commodity to be thankful for.

"We can choose to be grateful no matter what"- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

  • Art around us- Be grateful for all the pictures/books/articles/music you encounter everyday. Each piece of art can bring different emotions, knowledge and ways of expressing ourselves.

  • Food and water- Having daily security that you will manage to have water and food is a privilege taken lightly. Living in today’s world and society it is easy to forget the importance of food and water in our lives but we would not be able to live a long life without it. Plus do not forget about all that lovely cuisine you can try now days.

  • Internet - Many of our lives are influenced by the internet on a daily basis. Through the internet we connect with people we may not be able to do physically, we look up new information, we follow people who influence us, we create businesses and we use it as a way of expressing our emotions.

  • Being Alive- Easy to forget or take for granted is that we should be grateful that we are alive. In this moment and time, we are able to breath and experience the present around us which we might not be able to in the future.

  • Being Me- Most importantly and this one is for everyone. You should be grateful for being you, for being unique in your own ways, for feeling the emotions you do, for experiencing the life through your eyes. Be grateful for being yourself and not anyone else because you are the only one in the world that is you and that makes you special.

"The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can" - Neil Gaiman

These are given up to guides and it is up to you to modify them to your own needs and desires. Give them a try and update me on how it went. Please write down in comments which ones you like to use and what you are grateful for.

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