Meet The Team


Masa Milenkovic

My name is Masa Milenkovic and I'm a co-founder of Bright Minds. My experience includes having a psychology degree, volunteering abroad, working on acute wards and being a qualified laughter yoga trainer.

When I graduated from Lincoln University, I spent time working as an activity co-ordinator on an acute ward. Whilst working, I promoted groups such as mindfulness session, laughter yoga, relaxation and creative space. My experience lead me to volunteering in Sri Lanka in the second largest mental health hospital in Asia. Whilst volunteering, I spent time doing groups with both children and adults. 


On my reflection from work it became evident to me how difficult it is to find time to focus on your mind and body. On the other hand, from volunteering in Sri Lanka it was evident that it is possible to incorporate different practices which help you achieve a brighter quality of life by focusing on your mind. 

Combining my knowledge and experience lead to co-founding Bright Minds. Creating sessions which aim to help people live a happier, more content and brighter life by including different practices. Each sessions is a carefully designed for adults and children!


    Bethan Davies

    I am a University of Lincoln Psychology Bsc graduate, with a foundation in Art Therapy from the British Association of Art Therapists, theory based qualification for Montessori Pedagogy, and a qualified Laughter Yoga Therapist and Mindfulness Coach. 

    After university I worked with children with various behavioural and mental health problems,  conducted Nurture groups, taught Maths and English and ran a ASD classroom. From this I went onto working with teenagers who had a variety of different problems from learning difficulties to mental health issues such as Addiction, Depression, Biploar and Attachment Disorders. I currently work on a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit for female adults. 


    I wanted to start Bright Minds because I think it’s vital for people to take care of their mental health. I want people to learn how to constantly maintain their health both physically and mentally, with normal everyday stressors and pressures mental well being is often ignored. I believe mental health is for everybody not just people who have hit rock bottom. Bright minds aims to make mental health accessible to males, females, children, parents, friends and  family!